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By Paul Moses On 3 Apr, 2016 At 08:21 PM | Categorized As Mobile | With 0 Comments

According to the announcement, which was made for investors and detailed plans for Capcom’s next fiscal year, the publisher is increasing its mobile efforts with plans to “aggressively” integrate its most popular franchises into the increasingly popular mobile industry. While the full details regarding which Capcom IPs have already been tagged for mobile iterations have […]

By Paul Moses On 10 Jan, 2015 At 09:19 PM | Categorized As Mobile | With 0 Comments

Anyone who enjoys laser tag or similar games that take place in the real world, may be interested in a new Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign called LyteShot, which hopes to bring a new sensor-based mobile gaming platform to mobile devices. LyteShot is the brainchild of Mark Ladd and has been designed to provide a variety of […]

By Paul Moses On 4 Dec, 2014 At 06:31 PM | Categorized As Mobile, PC | With 0 Comments

Blizzard has today announced that the very first expansion pack for their Hearthstone digital card game, in the form of Goblins vs Gnomes will be launching on Windows, Mac and iPad devices throughout the US next week on Monday, December 8th 2014. The Hearthstone Goblins vs. Gnomes expansion will also be rolling out to Europe, […]

By Paul Moses On 1 Oct, 2014 At 08:44 PM | Categorized As I-PHONE, Mobile | With 0 Comments

iPad and iPhone owners that are looking for a new RPG game to while away a few hours might be interested in the new Assassins Creed Identity mobile game that is now available to play on Apple iOS mobile devices. The Assassins Creed Identity game lets you create, develop and customise your own Assassins to […]

By CarnellOlofin On 5 Aug, 2014 At 07:01 AM | Categorized As Mobile | With 0 Comments
moonrise   1

Mobile games juggernaut Kabam has announced that it’s working with Undead Labs (State of Decay) to bring forth a new RPG built for mobile devices. Moonrise will be playable at PAX Prime this year. In the world of Moonrise, every so often an event (known as the Moonrise) will occur, causing destruction and corruption in […]

By CarnellOlofin On 16 Jul, 2014 At 03:00 AM | Categorized As Mobile | With 0 Comments
kim kardashian game

Kim Kardashian has a hot new mobile game called Kim Kardashian: Hollywood!, and while some Facebook and Twitter fans do not like the game, it seems that the majority of them do. Now, Kim Kardashian is dishing about the game, and how she is so excited that fans love it! Kardashian said that creating the […]

By CarnellOlofin On 25 Jun, 2014 At 06:56 AM | Categorized As Mobile | With 0 Comments

Thanks to a recent report from McAfee, a well known online security provider, we now know that 80% of Flappy Bird knock-offs come complete with malware. Flappy Bird is a simple but highly addictive game that made waves earlier this year. Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen spent three days making the game and it was generating […]

By CarnellOlofin On 8 Jun, 2014 At 08:37 AM | Categorized As Mobile | With 0 Comments

Gameloft has teamed up with Marvel to announce the development of a new smartphone and tablet title, Spider-Man: Unlimited, the very first web-runner inspired by over 50 years of Spider-Man comics. With Spider-Man: Unlimited , gamers will get access to Spiderman variations like Iron Spiderman, Spiderman Noir, Future Foundation Spiderman, and Ben Reilly Spiderman, teaming […]

By CarnellOlofin On 7 Jun, 2014 At 06:10 AM | Categorized As I-PHONE, Mobile | With 0 Comments

Tetris was created by Alexey Pajitnov in 1984 while he worked at the Soviet Academy of Sciences.Since then, Tetris has hit every device, from old school Gameboy to iPad. And now  Tetris is already 30 years old. “The simple, yet addicting nature of Tetris still has me playing it a few times every week,” Pajitnov continued, “I […]

By Greg Carlson On 15 Apr, 2014 At 02:46 AM | Categorized As Mobile | With 0 Comments

Rovio’s Bad Piggies has been available on iOS and Android since September 2012. 18 months after its initial release, Bad Piggies is finally available for Windows Phone devices. It comes with a $0.99 price tag.The game is similar to any of the Angry Birds games, but from the viewpoint of those poor porkers. In “Bad Piggies,” you help tricky […]