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By Greg Carlson On 24 Feb, 2015 At 06:09 AM | Categorized As REVIEWS | With 0 Comments

​Do You know about a Web Hosting that pay 200$ Commission Per Sale, May be you Know about Some Hosting Company’s That pays $40 to $100 Per Sale. I like to tell you about Wp Engine that pays 150$ Commission Per Sale,  Really They are Paying 200$ Commissions through their Affiliate Program. if you have Done […]

By Paul Moses On 15 Dec, 2014 At 04:45 AM | Categorized As REVIEWS | With 0 Comments

In many ways, Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus are on opposite trajectories. When Xbox Live launched in 2002, it was primarily a multiplayer gaming service, complete with a universal “Friends List” and a strong headset-based voice chat system. On the PlayStation 3, multiplayer gaming was free; PlayStation Plus was introduced in 2010 as a means […]

By Paul Moses On 3 Oct, 2014 At 01:09 AM | Categorized As REVIEWS | With 0 Comments

This week Dextra Robotics has unveiled and explained more about their new virtual reality exoskeleton glove called the Dexmo which is currently in a beta development stage, via a Reddit AMA. The Dexmo virtual reality glove has been specifically designed to enable users to touch objects and interact with them in a virtual reality environment […]

By Paul Moses On 30 Sep, 2014 At 02:31 AM | Categorized As REVIEWS | With 0 Comments

Some of readers might remember the Microduino Arduino compatible development board that launched last year over on the Kickstarter crowd funding website. This week the same team at Microduino Studio have now unveiled their new Microduino-Joypad in the form of an open source game console. The Microduino-Joypad as you can guess by the name and […]

By Paul Moses On 29 Sep, 2014 At 03:48 AM | Categorized As REVIEWS | With 0 Comments

Microsoft Australia has announced a price drop for the Xbox 360, which will come into place from October 1. The largest price drops affect the 250GB console and the 250GB Kinect console bundle, which will both drop by $100. See the chart on the right for more details on the respective new recommended retail prices. […]

By CarnellOlofin On 11 Aug, 2014 At 08:22 AM | Categorized As REVIEWS | With 0 Comments

According to the lates rumor,the GTA Online could receive a new DLC pack on the day of Sony’s 2014 GamesCom conference. That would be August 12th,just tomorrow. That’s not a long wait. We will know quickly. Let’s hope a DLC will arrive with Gamescom and not later. There are also the much anticipated Casino or […]

By CarnellOlofin On 4 Aug, 2014 At 08:03 AM | Categorized As REVIEWS | With 0 Comments
GameStop  1

The big video game retailer, GameStop, is now requiring its customers in Philadelphia, but not in the suburbs, to provide a fingerprint scan on certain transactions. The new fingerprinting service has been implemented by GameStop due to a requested by the local authorities, to try and reduce crime and stop thieves using GameStop as a […]

By CarnellOlofin On 31 Jul, 2014 At 06:41 AM | Categorized As REVIEWS | With 0 Comments
ps4-SONY PS VS xbox-one  1

Sony has released its financial report for the first quarter of the year from April to June 30,and it shows that its PlayStation sales are currently outselling Microsoft’s Xbox systems 3 to 1 in Q1 2014. Though Sony doesn’t reveal how many PS4 and PS3 consoles were sold separately, the report confirms combined sales to […]

By CarnellOlofin On 21 Jul, 2014 At 03:33 AM | Categorized As REVIEWS | With 0 Comments
former panama dictior

Activision has been sued by Manuel Noriega, former dictator of Panama. At issue is Activision’s portrayal of him in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. The lawsuit was filed early this past week in the LA County Superior Court. Noriega, who is now 80 years old,is currently serving a jail sentence in Panama for crimes […]

By CarnellOlofin On 18 Jul, 2014 At 05:11 AM | Categorized As REVIEWS | With 0 Comments

According to the NPD Group who have recently released their monthly report for physical sales in the US market for the month of June. Based on their latest figures, it would seem to suggest that despite increased interest in the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4 still managed to earn the title of the top-selling console […]