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By Paul Moses On 6 Apr, 2016 At 06:19 PM | Categorized As Online | With 0 Comments

CCP, developers the hugely popular EVE Online game have confirmed that their new EVE Valkyrie space simulation and combat game will be indeed be launching later this year on the new HTC Vive virtual reality headset. This week Valve has started shipping out its HTC Vive VR system to consumers and is now competing directly […]

By Paul Moses On 8 Sep, 2015 At 08:15 PM | Categorized As Online | With 0 Comments

Exactly one year ago tomorrow, Bungie shook up the console gaming world when they released their mega-blockbuster, Destiny. Since that fateful day in September, Destiny has been the most talked about game in the industry, save for a few instances when a new game launched and stole the spotlight for a week or two. But […]

By Paul Moses On 7 Sep, 2015 At 06:00 PM | Categorized As Online | With 0 Comments

Pikmin 4 is not only in development, but it may be here sooner rather than later, Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto has told Eurogamer. Speaking to the site back in July, Miyamoto said of a fourth game: “It’s actually very close to completion. Pikmin teams are always working on the next one.” Miyamoto’s comments were later confirmed […]

By Paul Moses On 6 Jan, 2015 At 07:54 PM | Categorized As Online | With 0 Comments

Razer has created a new micro Android console called the Razer Forge TV which has been designed to enable the streaming of almost any PC game directly from your home computer to your large screen TV with ease. The Razer Forge TV works in a similar way to that of the Nvidia Shield streaming service […]

By Paul Moses On 4 Dec, 2014 At 06:28 PM | Categorized As Online | With 0 Comments

Gamers that enjoy playing retro games on their mobile devices might be please to know that Tomb Raider 2 has  arrived on iOS devices and is available to purchase from the iTunes App Store priced at just $0.99. The Tomb Raider 2 iOS game includes all the original gameplay and acrobatic gunplay allowing you to […]

By Paul Moses On 7 Nov, 2014 At 06:57 AM | Categorized As Online | With 0 Comments

CD Projekt Red has today announced that their latest highly anticipated game The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, that will be launching on February 24th, 2015. Will come with a free downloadable content DLC bundle of 16 entirely free updates. For the launch of the Witch 3 game on February 25th, CD Projekt Red will release […]

By Paul Moses On 1 Nov, 2014 At 05:52 AM | Categorized As Online | With 0 Comments

The original Prey released as an Xbox 360 exclusive all the way back in 2006, receiving plenty of praise and garning enough positive feedback to warrant a sequel. Those requests from fans were answered 5 years later, and a slick trailer promised more exciting content. After that single preview, however, ongoing problems behind the development […]

By Paul Moses On 30 Sep, 2014 At 02:52 AM | Categorized As Online | With 0 Comments

During EGX last week gameplay footage was showcased by Slightly Mad Studios of their new Project Cars game that showed huge improvement over the previous gameplay that was running well below 60fps a few months ago. Slightly Mad Studios is aiming to get both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the new Project […]

By Paul Moses On 28 Sep, 2014 At 04:43 AM | Categorized As Online, PC | With 0 Comments

There’s been a soft launch of Pokemon: The Card Game Online for iPad this afternoon, starting with Canada. Supposing you’ve got access to a friend with an iPad in Canada and they’re willing to … ship it to you … you might be able to play. Otherwise you’re going to have to wait for the […]

By Paul Moses On 19 Sep, 2014 At 05:09 AM | Categorized As Online | With 0 Comments

Elder Scrolls Online players patiently waiting for the highly anticipated release of the new Dragonstar Arena, will be pleased to know that ZeniMax Online has today released updates number four to their online MMO game making the Dragonstar Arena available to enter. The Elder Scrolls Online Dragonstar Arena is a group-based dungeon located in Upper […]