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By Paul Moses On 20 Jun, 2016 At 06:59 PM | Categorized As PC, XBOX ONE | With 0 Comments

We speak to several of the developers at Rare about their upcoming game Sea of Thieves, and learn that the multiplayer will be similar to Destiny‘s – but ‘more impactful’. There’s no question about the impact Sea of Thieves has had on critics and gamers alike following its first hands-on availability. Indeed, the game looks […]

By Paul Moses On 19 Jun, 2016 At 07:53 PM | Categorized As PS4, XBOX ONE | With 0 Comments

With the growing popularity of videos spoofing Overwatch‘s signature Play of the Game, this video mashes up Play of the Game with some of Destiny‘s most memorable moments. Blizzard’s hero shooter, Overwatch, has a unique feature at the end of every match. The game grants one player’s actions during a particular part of the match […]

By Paul Moses On 18 Jun, 2016 At 06:22 PM | Categorized As PS4, XBOX ONE | With 0 Comments

Destiny developer Bungie cancels this weekend’s Trials of Osiris event, citing numerous connectivity issues and a nasty damage bug as the primary reasons. Destiny developer Bungie has cancelled Trials of Osiris for the weekend of June 17th. While the studio had originally disabled the weekend-focused PvP event for a short time, it has since decided […]

By Paul Moses On 15 Jun, 2016 At 06:33 PM | Categorized As XBOX ONE | With 0 Comments

Microsoft is making a habit of cutting the Xbox One’s price. They just can’t make it cheap enough. They obviously want to move a ton of inventory. The original Xbox One was recently discounted to $299 from $349. Only two weeks have passed since that price went into effect and today the company has cut […]

By Paul Moses On 14 Jun, 2016 At 06:30 PM | Categorized As PC, PS4, XBOX ONE | With 0 Comments

During E3 2016 EA and Respawn Entertainment have revealed that Titanfall 2 will be officially launching on October 28th and will be available to play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Origin for PC. Also a collector’s edition of Titanfall 2 that will be made available at launch will feature a full-scale replica of the […]

By Paul Moses On 13 Jun, 2016 At 07:53 PM | Categorized As PC, PS4, XBOX ONE | With 0 Comments

Gamers looking forward to the launch of the upcoming action adventure game Dishonored 2, which will be available to play from November 11th 2016 onwards. Are sure to enjoy this new E3 2016 Dishonored 2 gameplay trailer which has been released this week by the development team at Arkane Studios. Dishonored 2 will be available […]

By Paul Moses On 12 Jun, 2016 At 06:37 PM | Categorized As PC, PS4, XBOX ONE | With 0 Comments

During the EA Play event, Respawn Entertainment CEO and co-founder Vince Zempella reveals the first gameplay trailer for Titanfall 2 multiplayer. While E3 2016 doesn’t officially get under way until tomorrow, EA decided to switch things up this year by introducing a new event called EA Play. In addition to kicking things off a day […]

By Paul Moses On 11 Jun, 2016 At 08:53 PM | Categorized As PS4, XBOX ONE | With 0 Comments

NetherRealm releases the first gameplay trailer for Injustice 2, showing off several Super moves and a variety of new characters including Supergirl, Atrocitus and Gorilla Grodd. NetherRealm revealed the gameplay for Injustice 2 on Saturday via the developer’s Twitch channel and there’s a fresh new trailer that shows plenty of the game’s roster in action. […]

By Paul Moses On 9 Jun, 2016 At 06:40 PM | Categorized As XBOX ONE | With 0 Comments

Microsoft and Turn 10 have officially announced the imminent arrival of the new eSports Forza Racing Championship that will be available to enter later this summer and available from within the Forza Motorsport 6 Xbox One racing game. The Forza Racing Championship will including more than 600 fully detailed Forzavista cars to choose from, together […]

By Paul Moses On 7 Jun, 2016 At 11:41 PM | Categorized As XBOX ONE | With 0 Comments

Ahead of E3 2016 Major Nelson has unveiled more details about what you can expect to enjoy in the upcoming Xbox summer update which is available to Xbox Preview program members this week. The Xbox App update will also following in a few weeks and an interview with Mike Ybarra, Director of Program Management for […]