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By Greg Carlson On 25 Feb, 2015 At 07:34 AM | Categorized As PS4, XBOX ONE | With 0 Comments

According to Kotaku, a new Guitar Hero game for PS4 and Xbox One could be announced at E3 in June, and the report claims that the game may bring a more realistic style to the typically cartoony series.It’s been over four years since the last Guitar Hero game was released, but it appears Activision might be […]

By Paul Moses On 7 Jan, 2015 At 01:22 AM | Categorized As PS3, PS4, XBOX 360, XBOX ONE | With 0 Comments

Before heading off on their own holiday vacation, Destiny developer Bungie left fans with a little pre-Christmas tease. In addition to confirming that a major update – one that includes at least a few oft-requested features – was on the way, the developer also revealed that they had a special “stocking stuffer” prepared. At the […]

By Paul Moses On 2 Jan, 2015 At 01:01 AM | Categorized As PS3, XBOX 360, XBOX ONE | With 0 Comments

After all three Destiny classes had soloed the Crota’s End raid numerous times, we figured that the “solo the raid” craze had run its course. We were wrong. Hoping to outdo all those who had come before him, one player decided that soloing the raid wasn’t enough of a challenge. Yes, this player (a Titan) […]

By Paul Moses On 26 Dec, 2014 At 04:35 AM | Categorized As PS3, PS4, XBOX 360, XBOX ONE | With 0 Comments

It’s technically no longer Christmas, but Destiny players are hopeful that Xur’s Holiday weekend appearance will bring some worthwhile presents. Bungie had already teased that some post-Holiday stocking stuffers would be on the way, and many pointed to Xur as a likely place for those surprises to manifest. For most, the appearance of Xur is […]

By CarnellOlofin On 19 Aug, 2014 At 11:40 PM | Categorized As Video games | With 0 Comments

Some games graphics, especially cutscenes, have started to look so real that sometimes it feels as if you’re actually watching a live action film. Sometimes it makes you wonder why these aren’t turned into movies themselves. Fret not, true believer, as Activision is said to be wondering about that too, and might actually do something […]

By CarnellOlofin On 19 Aug, 2014 At 04:10 AM | Categorized As PS3, PS4, XBOX 360, XBOX ONE | With 0 Comments
Venus 2 610

Today, publisher Activision released a new trailer for Bungie’s upcoming MMO-shooter-RPG Destiny. The new gameplay video sees the playable Guardians battling robotic enemies and more familiar faces on the war-torn ruins of the planet Venus. The new environment of Venus combines vast open stretches of forest and rock with ancient abandoned ruins. Players shouldn’t expect […]

By CarnellOlofin On 21 Jul, 2014 At 03:33 AM | Categorized As REVIEWS | With 0 Comments
former panama dictior

Activision has been sued by Manuel Noriega, former dictator of Panama. At issue is Activision’s portrayal of him in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. The lawsuit was filed early this past week in the LA County Superior Court. Noriega, who is now 80 years old,is currently serving a jail sentence in Panama for crimes […]

By Greg Carlson On 8 Jul, 2014 At 11:20 AM | Categorized As PS3, PS4, XBOX 360, XBOX ONE | With 0 Comments

Destiny, Halo developer Bungie’s upcoming massively multiplayer first-person shooter, will be available in two collector’s editions that include collectibles and access to two expansions, Activision Publishing announced today.You’ll be able to choose between the Limited Edition, the Ghost Edition, and the Digital Guardian Edition.The Ghost Edition runs for $149.99, Limited Edition goes for $99.99, and […]

By CarnellOlofin On 20 Jun, 2014 At 07:44 AM | Categorized As PC, PS3, PS4 | With 0 Comments

According to Activision,the new Call of Duty Ghosts Invasion downloadable content for the popular Call of Duty first-person shooter (FPS) video game, will be arriving on the PlayStation Network and PC July 3rd 2014. Invasion includes four new multiplayer maps (Departed, Pharaoh, Mutiny and Favela), and “Awakening” – the third entry in Ghosts’ four-part episodic […]

By Greg Carlson On 31 Mar, 2014 At 12:16 PM | Categorized As Video games | With 2 Comments

Call of Duty Championship winners CompLexity have walked away with $400,000 after laying waste to the competition at the tourney finals in Los Angeles over the weekend. Activision has published a full list of winners and their winnings. Congrats to CompLexity on winning 2014 Championship and the $400,000 prize! TOP 8: Complexity – $400,000 Team EnVyUs – $200,000 OpTic Gaming […]