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By CarnellOlofin On 16 Jun, 2014 At 06:53 AM | Categorized As PC | With 0 Comments

Rovio is announcing a new version of the property that blends tossing birds with transforming robots. The aptly named Angry Birds Transformers will include a mobile game with an as-of-yet unannounced release date, as well as more Telepods, tiny QR code-enabled figures that can be scanned into the game. “Angry Birds Transformers provides fans worldwide […]

By Greg Carlson On 7 May, 2014 At 04:40 AM | Categorized As I-PHONE | With 2 Comments

Angry Birds maker Rovio  has launched a new game in the App Store ,which is called Retry that appears to be inspired by the gameplay and retro 8-bit graphics of recent hit iOS game Flappy Bird. Although unlike Flappy bird, you pilot a plane through various obstacles, the game is apparently very difficult, just like Flappy bird, and shares […]

By Greg Carlson On 15 Apr, 2014 At 02:46 AM | Categorized As Mobile | With 0 Comments

Rovio’s Bad Piggies has been available on iOS and Android since September 2012. 18 months after its initial release, Bad Piggies is finally available for Windows Phone devices. It comes with a $0.99 price tag.The game is similar to any of the Angry Birds games, but from the viewpoint of those poor porkers. In “Bad Piggies,” you help tricky […]

By Greg Carlson On 8 Feb, 2014 At 03:31 PM | Categorized As I-PHONE, Video games | With 1 Comment

If you’re an Angry Birds fan, you be glad to hear that Angry Birds Star Wars II received an update that introduces 8 new characters as a part of the Carbonite pack. In this group, six are classic characters and the remaining two are bonus ones. The classic set features Carbonite Han Solo, Jabba the […]

By Greg Carlson On 28 Aug, 2013 At 04:49 PM | Categorized As Online | With 0 Comments

Rovio is planning on launching a new title that could take aim at Mario Kart. The company on Tuesday posted a video to YouTube showcasing a new kart-racing game, called Angry Birds Go. The video didn’t provide any in-game footage, but teased what gamers might expect from the title when it’s eventually released. Rovio appears to be […]

By Greg Carlson On 15 Jul, 2013 At 02:29 PM | Categorized As Video games | With 0 Comments

Rovio has announced the next installment in the Angry Birds series, Angry Birds Star Wars II. The game will launch worldwide on the 19th of September. It’ll include a new story as well as over 30 familiar characters including young Anakin, Mace Windu, General Grievous, Darth Maul…and also Jar Jar Binks. There’ll also be the option […]

By Greg Carlson On 3 Jul, 2013 At 04:33 PM | Categorized As I-PHONE | With 0 Comments

Rovio fans, get ready.Angry Birds maker Rovio has announced the release of a new game, Tiny Thief which will land on on both iOS and Android devices next Thursday the 11th of July,although details and features of the game have yet to be shared, nor pricing. However based on what we can see in the trailer […]

By Greg Carlson On 28 Jun, 2013 At 06:55 AM | Categorized As Nintendo, WII | With 0 Comments

Good news, Wii and Wii U users.The Angry Birds collection will be available for Nintendo platforms on August 13 in North America.A European release date is yet to be confirmed, although it’s likely to launch a few days later on August 16, according to Polygon. The new Angry Birds Trilogy for Wii and Wii U contains over 40 […]