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This Destiny/Overwatch Mashup Video Is Definitely Worth A Watch(Video)
By Paul Moses On 19 Jun, 2016 At 07:53 PM | Categorized As PS4, XBOX ONE | With 0 Comments


With the growing popularity of videos spoofing Overwatch‘s signature Play of the Game, this video mashes up Play of the Game with some of Destiny‘s most memorable moments.

Blizzard’s hero shooter, Overwatch, has a unique feature at the end of every match. The game grants one player’s actions during a particular part of the match (usually multikills) as Play of the Game, and then plays a clip of that moment back to every person in that match. It has spawned an internet meme spoofing Play of the Game videos.

Destiny has now been made a part of that Play of the Game trend as one fan has highlighted some of the most memorable moments of Destiny since the launch of the game.

The first clip highlights the raid boss Crota. There were a number of glitches with Crota when The Dark Below expansion’s raid, Crota’s End first released. This clip shows Crota chasing a player into the crystal room (which is not supposed to happen) and killing the entire team.
The second clip features the Cryptarch, Master Rahool, and shows off footage from very early in Destiny‘s Year One when Legendary engrams could decrypt into Rare engrams. This was later changed by Bungie to make every engram have the ability to decrypt into the tier of engram or above, but at launch engrams could (and often did) roll backwards, adding extra RNG to the system.

The next clip features an enemy Destiny fans dubbed “Randal the Vandal,” a major (yellow bar) Fallen Vandal in the Forgotten Shore. This enemy, before it was fixed, could take massive amounts of damage before finally dying. Randal’s fortitude can be seen here against the legendary Gjallarhorn.

After that, the video highlights Atheon, the end boss from Destiny‘s first raid Vault of Glass. This clip shows Atheon early on when it was possible to force the boss off the edge of its platform without actually doing the mechanics of the boss fight. Bungie later added “baby bumpers” (as they were called by the community), a lip on the platform, to keep Atheon from being pushed off.

Gjallarhorn comes on next and shows just how powerful it used to be. The clip is from a Nightfall when Solar Burn was active, greatly increasing Gjallarhorn’s damage. Add the Titan ability Weapons of Light, and the Strike boss gets melted in mere seconds by a group of Gjallarhorns.

Lastly, the video awards Play of the Game to the internet, and shows how players went about cheating their way through the boss fight against Crota by unplugging their ethernet cables once Crota took a knee, which kept him there and allowed players to take him down in one sword.

The video is definitely worth a watch for Destiny fans, and it also shows off some of what the game has been through for players who didn’t experience it firsthand.

Destiny‘s next expansion, Rise of Iron, is available September 20, 2016 on PS4 and Xbox One.

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